SAMTSKHE-JAVAKHETI is situated in southwest part of the country. This is one of the ancient part of Georgia, it also has its historical name “Tao-Klarjeti”.

VARDZIA-FORTRESS carved into the rock is situated on the left bank of the river Mtkvari. It was built in 12-th century while king Tamar ruled the country. It is at 1300 meters up from the sea level.

Vardzia is carved into the rocky mountain Erusheti. The length of this mountain is 500 meters containing 13 stores. Inside the rock there is the temper, which is surrounded by the monastery choir.King Tamari’s room, big hall, some wine-vaults and what is most important the ancient frescos still exist. In the deep of the fortress there are natural streams and big tunnel. In total Vardzia contains 3000 caves. Nearby the natural sulfurous warm waters coming out of the ground.

KHERTVISI fortress - is situated on road to Vardzia. The fortress was built in 10-11 centuries.

FOKA MONASTERY is built in 11-th century and situated on the territory near the lake Paravani 2073 meters up from the sea level. The Georgian nuns still continue their activity there.

Lake Paravani is natural lake and is situated in the most southern part of Georgia at 2073 meters up from the sea level.

SAPARA MONASTERY - is situated near the city of Akhaltsikhe. It was built in 10-th century.

The city of Borjomi is situated in this region. The world important balneological resort is placed in Borjomi gorge. The city and its nearby territories occupy the eastern part of Meskheti chain and the western part of Trialeti chain. The climate of Borjomi is rather dumping. The most important in the resort is mineral water “Borjomi” which is known all over the world as the leader of different competitions.

Mountain skiing resort Daba-Bakuriani is situated in the northern part of the chain Trialeti, in Borjomi region, at 2000 meters of the sea level.