KAKHETI - region is situated in the northeast part of the country. It is known for its dry climate, that is one of the best conditions for wine growing as well as for other agriculture plants. Various vine-grades grow in Kakheti, many of them are distinguished for their features, for example wines “Kindzmarauli”, “Akhasheni”, “Alaznisveli”, and others made out vine-grades “Saperavi”, which are characterized with their curative features. These wines are famous in many countries of the world. When French wine-technologist Pier Leruam tested the “Kindzmarauli”, he fell on the knees, kissed the land and said: “when I die please, bury me here”. Kakheti region is rich in its historical monuments, Christian church-monasteries; many of them are still active. We should draw your attention to the historical town “Nekresi”, founded by king Parnavaz in 2-1 centuries B.C. In 4-th century the king Trdati began to build “Nekresi” monastery. This monastery was considered to be the first among those, existing for that period in Georgia. Today “Nekresi” monastery is still active, where monks continue their activities.

GREMI Monastery - has been the royal capital, trade, economic and cultural center of Kakheti. It is distinguished for the most beautiful locations and historical importance. The monastery is still active, where monks continue their activities and even produce their own wine.

ALAVERDI Cathedral – is located on the valley of “Alazani” river, it was built in 11-th century. Alaverdi is one of the greatest churches in Georgia. Its height reaches 50 meters. Alaverdi is still active. PIC. ALAVERDI

SHUAMTA Monastery dating by 6-7 centuries is situated near the city of Telavi on the branch of Gombori Mountain. Nearby, there is a new Shuamta monastery, which is still active. This place is famous for its attractive nature. Georgian nuns still continue their activities in this monastery.